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Updated: Jan 6

On this blog post, you will learn about how to improve your aim and accuracy in Minecraft PvP (including. 1.16 and above)

The Right Mouse

Just get a gaming mouse. You do not need a mouse that is $200+ or anything like that. Get a mice that light-weighted, accurate, and small. Recommended mouses: Glorious Model-O, Razer Viper Ultimate, Razer Viper Mini, Logitech G-Pro Wireless.

Refresh Rate

Get a monitor that is at least 144hz. The higher the refresh rate, the easier it is to aim correctly. After you have bought the monitor, check your monitor settings via your graphic card like Nvidia Geforce Experience, and make sure it's the refresh rate you bought the monitor for.

Where to Aim?

When hitting an opponent in Minecraft? You should aim for the area of you opponent between his head and his arm. Also, you could aim at either sides, whether left or right, just make sure your cursor is between his arm and head Let me show you the video:

How to Aim with Bows & Projectiles

Well, you aim at at area right above your opponent's head. Make sure it's a bit right above your opponent's head. Let me show you the exact spot through a bow duel video:

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