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Stunning Your Opponents

Updated: Jan 6

On this blog post, you are going to learn how to stun your opponent in place making combos easier for you.

The Fishing Rod

The fishing rod is a great way to stun your opponent. You may have seen professionals using a fishing to hit their opponent before they go in and starting comboing the life out of them. By casting the fishing rod before you hit an opponent, you stop them for a moment which makes it easier for you to combo them. When you cast a fishing rod, make sure you aim for the head if they are moving, but if they are standing still, aim for the chest or else it would likely miss. Let me demonstrate how a fishing rod is used in PvP:

Using Blocks

This is what many people call " block PvP". This essentially has the same purpose or function as the fishing rod. They both works to stun your opponent. Let's say that you are in a game with no fishing rod like Bedwars. You still need to stun your opponent in order to combo them, and win the game. Since there is no fishing rod, there are only two options: Blocks and Bridge Eggs(NO ONE IS GOING TO USE IT SO LET'S SKIP IT). BTW remember to place the block 2 blocks before the enemy or else it would glitch and your opponent would just walk right through them. Let me demonstrate block PvP:

Snowballs & Eggs

These two projectiles are another way to stun your opponent. They work in the same way as fishing rods and blocks. Let me demonstrate:

Flint & Steel or Lava Bucket

These two are incredibly powerful and not only that it could stun your opponent, it would make their movement slower, and super easy to combo. Let me demonstrate:

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