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CPS: Important, but Does It Matters Though?

Updated: Jan 6

On this blog you are going to learn what is CPS and why is it important, and how to increase it.

What is CPS?

CPS is basically your Clicks Per Second. This is really important when it comes to PvP. The higher your CPS the better it is in PvP. ***DISCLAIMER*** Don't focus too much on your CPS but rather your accuracy and combos. Despite that, having a high CPS does help in PvP; you will basically take less knockback in PvP, and combining it with Blockhitting, W-Tap or S-Tap, it would look like you didn't take any knockback at all which can cause a lot of players to call HACKS on you, but it is fine, YOU WON'T get ban depending on your server anti-cheat.

How to Increase YOUR CPS

There are two popular ways to increase your cps: jitter clicking, and butterfly clicking.

Jitter Clicking

Jitter clicking is the way to click your mouse as fast as possible with one finger which is usually your index finger. Unlike normal clicking where you lift up your index finger to click again, to jitter click, your finger must always remain on your mouse, or trackpad. To generate the clicks you must vibrate your arm. By doing that it will generate a far greater CPS than just normal clicking. Let me demonstrate:

***DISCLAIMER*** Jitter Clicking can damage your fingers and arm in a long term, so just don't do it TOO OFTEN.

What's the Catch?

Well, it is very hard to aim, so you must lower your DPI by a lot, and you must also have the right mouse. I recommend the G-Pro Wireless if you are going to jitter click.

Butterfly Clicking

Butterfly Clicking is another way to double your CPS numbers. Instead of using one finger to click like in Jitter clicking, or normal clicking, you would instead use two fingers to click. Let me demonstrate on how to butterfly click:

Although this will double your CPS, it is rather hard to aim. Depending on your mouse butterfly clicking would be a good thing for you If you have a Glorious Model O or any of the mice from Glorious, you could reach 20 cps easily with their debounce time software. With that information, Glorious mouses are the way to go if you want to butterfly and breezily bridge in games.

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