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Hypixel Bedwars

Updated: Jan 7


It does not really matters. If you could at least speed-bridge then it is already enough. You don't need to breezily nor moonwalk. Bedwars is not only about Bridging. It consists of game sense, a tiny bit of PvP, strategy, and pressure on your opponents. So if you could not hit that sweet 20 cps, it's fine you could still be extremely good at Bedwars. ****DISCLAIMER**** NEVER EVER FLAT BRIDGE BECAUSE IT WILL PROVIDE A WAY FOR YOU ENEMIES!

Game Sense

This power is regularly obtained when the player played a map so many times that the player remembers a lot of details about the map, that he or she could use to exploit the enemy. Basically, game sense is when you know the Map you are playing on. But, there is another way to obtain this power. You could watch a lot of professional Bedwars youtubers like Gamerboy80, Purpled, etc. After you have watched them played many times you would start to memorize the Map, and also learn from the youtuber you are watching which is the most beneficial one in my opinion.

My 230 Stars Strategies

Solos & Doubles

  1. Obtain 64 blocks. (Some maps like Solace only requires 32 blocks so you must know the maps).

  2. Rush straight away by bridging to their base. (Try to bridge higher than your enemies because it would give you the high-ground advantage).

  3. Break your opponent's bed and rush the diamond generator.

  4. If there are 4 diamonds get protection and miner fatigue (Trust me, it's better than sharpness).

  5. After that obtain emeralds by bridging to mid or the middle part of the map after that, buy Jump & Invisibility Potion (Need about 3 emeralds).

  6. If there is one remaining team, not including you, rush them with the pots. (Also don't forget magic milk).

  7. Try not to fight near an edge.

  8. Go in and deal critical hits on the opponent, and try to combo them.

  9. You did it you have won!

  10. Drop L in the chat. (Just kidding don't do that, please imagine your opponents as real life players just like you, so do not be toxic).


  1. First decide with your team on who should defend the bed.

  2. Do a butterfly defense:

3. People who do not defend should rush diamond generators, and come back and buy a miner fatigue trap. (DO NOT BUY ANY OTHER TRAPS).

4. After having the trap, decide with your teammates, on what team to rush (REMEMBER RUSH ONE TEAM AT A TIME).

5. After you have killed that team you and your teammates targeted, go to mid, and control it, do not let it other teams get the emeralds.

6. Get stacked with materials.

7. Make sure that the other team is dead, and that you are the only team left with the other team.

8. Rush them with all of your might.

9. Dig into their bed, and cover yourself in like how Gamerboy80 does it, break the bed, slaughter your opponents, and win the game.

10. After winning, don't be toxic, instead type gf which stands for good fight.


  1. Decide with your team on who would defend.

  2. The one who is going to make the offensive into the other team's base and break the bed should be given 12 gold, and a full set of tools.

  3. The one who bridges should do a two-stack speed bridge which is placing two blocks forward, one block upward, and repeat the process until your have reached your destination.

  4. After bridging, and building the base, everyone on the team except for 1 person should rush the same base, and break the other team's bed. Do this strategy with every team in the game.

  5. While doing all of this, make sure to get a miner fatigue trap.

  6. If there is one final team, rush them with invisibility & jump potion, combined with magic milk.

  7. If there are two teams left instead of 1, let them fight and gather resources.

  8. Once you rush the final team, make sure your teammates distracted some of them first.

  9. Go in and break the bed.

  10. Win the game.


It is what allows your team to gather more resources than the opponent's team. If you can send in one teammate from your team who is a bit decent at PvP and placing blocks to the enemy's base and keep every single one of the opponent's teammate fixed on your teammate which meant that they all just stand on the bed and look at your teammate, and doing nothing, your whole team would be free to roam around the map and gather resources which in turn will help you win the game.

High Ground

When playing Bedwars, remember to always get high ground, and in that way you will put pressure on your enemy team because you could just build over them and run and break their bed. Also when you have high ground, you could drop down on your opponent and get some juicy combos on them. Fall damage could be extremely helpful because it makes you invincible for a second, making it easy for you to combo your opponent.

Bridge Fight

When you fight on a bridge, make sure to use blocks to PvP because it would help you a decent amount. Try to build a wall on a bridge and your opponent would try to build up, and while they are building up, you could hit them easily and make them fall ( Remember to w-tap or blockhit).

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