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Updated: Jan 8

The Kits I Recommend for Both Game modes


The frog kit is unarguably still the best kit out there. When you are deployed you will spawn with 1 frog potion which is a combination of speed & jump. It would make going to mid to get the op loot chests much easier


The armorer kit is the best one. You would spawn with a set of golden armor (except the helmet and boots), making it not risky to go to mid, and get the loot chests.


It's not that important in Skywars, you only need to stair case bridge a little bit and jump to the next island and you would be just fine.


Rush mid right away to get the loot chest, so you could have op stuff and win the game easily.

My Gameplay

This for helping you understand these tips I'm giving you for Skywars.

Insane Mode Gameplay:

Normal Mode Gameplay:

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