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Strafe or Dodging Your Opponent's Hits

Updated: Jan 7

On this blog, you are going to learn how to strafe on your opponents in Minecraft PvP which can drastically change outcome of your fight.

What is Strafe?

First of all what is strafe? Briefly, strafing is basically moving in such a way that you can avoid most of the hits from your opponents, and with strafing you can start combos easier than just walking in a straight line to fight your opponent,

Why Strafe?

It makes it harder for your opponents to hit you. If you were to sprint and PvP a player in a straight line, it would be extremely easy for your opponent to predict your movement and combo you.

Types of Strafing or the Just Most Popular Ones

Circle Strafing

Circle Strafing is moving around your opponent in a circle, trying to avoid their hits, and comboing them. How is it done? Let me demonstrate in the following video:

A&D Strafe

A&D Strafing is moving side to side while you PvP your opponent. It could make it harder for your opponent to hit you: turning the outcome of the battle to your favor. Combined with blockhitting & w-tapping, you would perform amazing and long combos if you aim properly ( I will talk about aiming later on). So what does A&D strafe looks like? Let me demonstrate:

Then, Which One Should You Use?

In our opinion, we say you should use both. Try to make you strafing movement random and unpredictable. Here's a tip, move where your opponent's face is not looking at you. If your opponent's head turns and looks directly at you, then you must change direction. The main idea here is to avoid hits while dealing the most damage to your opponent as you can.

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