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My Ideal Client for PvP

Updated: Jan 5

To start off, to be good at Minecraft PvP requires a lot of practice just like everything else. But, I can give you some tips on where to practice or where to prioritize. First you need to make sure that your game is actually playable; I recommend at least 60fps. If you have a bad computer then I recommend you to get "clients". Clients are application which you can use to open Minecraft instead of you usual Minecraft launcher. Clients are good applications because it can really optimize your gameplay. The client I recommend you is Lunar Client. By the way, this website is not sponsored by them, but Lunar Client is truly the best Minecraft client I have ever come across. It boost my fps from 50 to about 160-320 fps on my four-years-old computer which has a 1050 graphic card and an old 4 cores i5 CPU! If you do not like Lunar Client for some of your own reasons, then no worries! You can get Badlion Client! It works just fine like Lunar Client. Just to be clear, I am not sponsored by Badlion Client.

Lunar Client Download Link: https://www.lunarclient.com/

Badlion Client Download Link: https://client.badlion.net/

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