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Ways to Start A Combo

Updated: Jan 6

On this blog we are going to discuss about the different ways on how to start a combo in Minecraft and how you can learn them.

BlockHit/ W-Tap/ S-Tap In A Rhythm

Have you ever wonder, "How does this guy does so much knockback?"

The answer to that is simply the reset of sprint every time you hit a player.

Resetting Your Sprint

Resetting your sprint is basically the stopping of sprinting ,and then sprinting again. By doing this, you can deal a lot more knockback!!! I forgot to mention, by resetting your sprint you can also take LESS knockback. You can combo your opponents easier than ever before! These are the reasons why resetting your sprint is a vital part of Minecraft PvP!

There are three ways to reset your sprint:


The Most Common Method of Resetting the Sprint

How to blockhit you may ask ,and what is even a blockhit? A blockhit is basically when you hit your opponent but you also block at the same time. Remember the purpose of blockhitting is to predict your opponent's movement in order combo them. Let me demonstrate:

As you can see, I hit and blocked at the same time. By doing that, I reset my sprint. P.S you can also reset your sprint by just blocking and the effect would be the same: increased knockback. By dealing more knockback you will be able to start combos more easily, and in turn, turn the fight to your favor. I forgot to mention, by blockhitting you can also reduce the damage you get when your opponent hits you! This is what it would look like when you incorporate blockhit into PvP.


S-Tapping is a way to reset your sprint which is used by many of the Pros in the Minecraft community. To use S-Tap, you need to switch back and fourth between clicking the w key to move forward and clicking the s key to move backward. Confused? Let me give an example:


Another way of resetting the your sprint is W-Tapping. If you didn't know or you haven't changed your key-bind; if you press the w key twice and hold it down, you will sprint. To reset your sprint, you tap the w key twice again. By doing that you can reset your sprint without blockhitting! Let me demonstrate:

As you can see, I just did a lot of knockback to my opponent. Also when opponent hit me I barely took any knockback. And no, this is not a hack, but W-Tap!!!


This is possibly the best way to reset your sprint. 7- Tapping is the combination of A and D strafe and W-Tap. Although this is a harder way to reset your sprint, it is possibly the best one yet. This is what it looks like when you incorporate it into PvP.

The Difference


  • Takes less damage when hit by an opponent.

  • Higher risk to get combo-ed by your opponents in a large-area-PvP game like Skywars in Hypixel if you do not know how to blockhit the right way.

  • Better for PvP in a small area like Bedwars, or in a very small place like a 2x2 area.

  • Bad when on an edge.


  • Faster than Blockhitting.

  • Combo opponents with less risk than Blockhitting because when you block you become slower which can increase the chance of your opponents comboing you.

  • Aim easier.

  • Faster player movement when you use it.

  • Good for games like Skywars and any other PvP games in large area.

  • Good when on an edge.


  • Extremely high risk to get combo by your opponents if it is not done properly.

  • Deals a lot of knockback if done at the right angle.

  • Not good when you are on an edge.

  • Good when combined with Circle Strafe and Speed II


  • Harder for your opponent to hit you.

  • Best for PvP.

  • You should try this.

  • Less chance to get combo by your opponent.

  • Fast movement.

Or You Could Use W-Tap and Blockhit at the Same Time

This is a tactic I usually use when I PvP. When my HP is low, I BlockHit just to play safe, but when my HP is high I use both. You should try it, and when you combine this strategy with A & D strafe, you will become an unstoppable machine. This is what it will look like:

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